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The E-Prescribing Penalty Countdown Has Begun!
Does MIPPA apply to me?

If E&M services account for more than 10% of your annual total allowed Medicare charges, you are eligible to receive a bonus based on your total Part B payments, not just E&M.
Did You Know?
In July 2008, the federal government implemented the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) as an initial step towards mandating e-prescribing technology by using a “carrot and stick” approach. Early adopters are eligible for incentive payments, and providers
who delay utilization of e-prescribing technology will be penalized for non-compliance.

Medicare providers will be faced with a 1% reimbursement Decrease if they do not write 10 prescriptions electronically by June 30th!

Physicians who e-prescribe for Medicare patients are eligible for a 1% increase on their Medicare reimbursement payments in 2011.
HePoEx eRx— The first and only Microsoft® Cloud Services based e-Prescribing Solution
- Real-time drug/drug and drug/allergy alerts
- Retrieve patient’s medication history and perform medication reconciliation.
- FDA Safety Alerts: Generate a report of all effected patients without pulling charts
- View patient health plan formulary requirements (prior authorization, non-covered drug, and drug tier), at point-of-care
- Reduce calls from patients requesting an alternative covered medication, mail order submission or prior   authorization
- Prescriptions sent electronically to pharmacy of choice including mail-order
- Reduce calls from pharmacies regarding non-covered medications, drug interactions, and hand-writing questions
- Physician designed software
- With one click, you can...
  • Access renewal requests from pharmacies
  • Renew multiple patients’ medications
  • Write a new prescription from your Favorites List
- Connected with Microsoft® HealthVault™ to share medications list with patients
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